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Online Seminars FAQs


The Irish Tax Institute currently offers over 120 hours of Online Seminars.

    • Watch online seminars live and ask questions
    • Access on-demand as many times as you want for 6 months
    • See the speaker, hear the speaker and see the slides
    • Receive soft copies of all supporting documentation

To book any of our online seminars please click here.

Feedback from Online Attendees
The more seminars that are provided on-line the better, it cuts down on costs and time lost to travel for members.

The online seminars are extremely user-friendly and have enabled me to complete all of my CPD from home proving both extremely time and cost-effective. I will certainly be doing more online courses going forward.

The On-Demand access enables members to watch the seminars in their own time which makes them an accessible and convenient way to keep up with CPD.

Free online CPD seminars for Members
Irish Tax Institute members can now access their Free Online CPD Courses on Blackboard Learn, the Institute’s learning management system.
To access Blackboard Learn use your Irish Tax Institute login credentials, your username, which is your membership number, and password. To login now click here.

Further information and help is available on the About Blackboard Learn webpage.

Online Seminar FAQs

  1. What is an online CPD seminar?
    A CPD seminar that can be accessed over the internet from your home or office. The Irish Tax Institute offers:  
    Live online seminars
    that are streamed over the internet and can be accessed in real-time from your Computer, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile Device. During a live online seminar participants can see and hear the speaker, view seminar slides and submit questions to the seminar speaker. 
    On-demand online seminars that are pre-recorded and can be accessed anytime (for a period of 6 months from date of purchase) after the seminar has taken place from your Computer or Laptop. They come in three formats; (1) WebEx recordings, (2)  videos of the speakers and slides with audio and (3) videos of the slides and speaker audio. 
  2. How can I purchase an online seminar?
    Online seminars can be purchased online here or by emailing a completed seminar booking form to cpd@taxinstitute.ie.
  3. Does “attending” an online CPD seminar count toward Irish Tax Institute CPD?
    Yes it qualifies as structured CPD.

Live Online Seminars

The Irish Tax Institute uses WebEx for all live online seminars so before you purchase one, Click Here to Join a Test WebEx Meeting.
Click Here to check the WebEx System Requirements.

Ensure that your PC speakers/headphones are working as you will need these to hear the live online seminar. (The Webex platform does not support the option to dial in by phone)

  1. How do I access a purchased live online seminar?
    At least one day before a live online seminar is scheduled to take place you will receive an email with access details. This will include:
    1. A URL link to the live online seminar.
    2. Step-by-step instructions to join the live online seminar at the specified time.
    3. Details of the WebEx System Requirements.
    4. Contact details of Irish Tax Institute support staff member in case of any difficulties.
    5. Attached pdf copies of the seminar slides and paper (if provided).
  2. What do I do if I have difficulty joining the live online seminar or if I cannot see or hear the presentation once I've joined?
    1. First follow the step-by-step access instructions given in the email and try to join the seminar again.
    2. Make sure that you are not joining the seminar too early. If you see the message "When it's time , join your meeting here," the seminar has not yet started.
    3. If you have joined the meeting but cannot see and/or hear anything refresh the page to check for notifications and if there are no updates (and it is past the scheduled seminar start time) contact the Irish Tax Institute support staff member using the contact details given in the access email. 
    4. If the seminar has started but you cannot hear anything:
      1. Ensure that your sound and speakers are set up, and connected correctly to your PC.
      2. On the WebEx screen top menu click on 'Communicate' then 'Audio Connection' then 'Call using Computer'.
      3. If these steps do not fix the problem contact the Irish Tax Institute support staff member using the contact details given in the access email.
  3. How do I send questions to the speaker
    Type your question into the “Chat” or "Q&A" facility and send it to the seminar organiser or 'Host' for the attention of the relevant speaker. Provided there is time, your question will be answered during the Q&A session.
  4. Can I access Live Online Seminars from my mobile device?
    Yes, live online seminars can be accessed from iPhone, iPad and Android devices. For more information and FAQs click on the following links:
    1. iPhone/iPad
    2. Android

On-demand Online Seminars 

How to I access an on-demand online seminar?

Once the online seminar is available and your order has been processed you will be given access to the seminar recording and materials on Blackboard Learn, the Institute's Learning Management System.  

To access Blackboard Learn use your Irish Tax Institute login credentials, your username (if you are an Institute member this is your membership number) and password. To login now click here

When you first login you should see the Professional Development Tab & if you are a Member the Free Online CPD Tab. Links to purchased online seminars will be listed under the 'Course List' module on the Professional Development Tab.

Further information and help is available on the About Blackboard Learn webpage.

What system requirements do I need to access an on-demand online seminar?

    1. If the seminar is a WebEx recording check the WebEx System Requirements
    2. For all other formats of online seminar you should also have Adobe Flashplayer installed on their computer. You can download the latest version here.
    3. We recommend that you access the lecture recording from a computer or laptop as we cannot guarantee that they will be supported by tablets or mobile devices.
    4. For optimum viewing & sound quality we would recommend that you use a broadband internet connection when accessing the above presentations. Loading/buffering speeds will vary depending upon your bandwidth. We would recommend that you have a PC bandwidth of 2 Mbps (Download) or more for a smoother performance. You can test your PC's bandwidth by using www.speedtest.net.
    5. If you have a pop-up blocker enabled you may need to temporarily allow pop-ups to ensure that the seminar opens on your browser.
  1. How long will I have access to an on-demand online seminar.    
    You will have access for 6 months from the date of purchase.
  2. What do I do if I have problems accessing an on-demand online seminar?
    1. If the online seminar will not open, try pressing the CTRL key on your keyboard and then click on the seminar link again.
    2. If the online seminar will open but not play, press the pause button and allow the seminar to buffer and then press play again.
    3. For any other difficulties contact the Professional Development team at 353 1 6631700.

Note: As the majority of on-demand online seminars are recorded at live classroom events the audio and video quality may vary in some instances.

While every effort is made to ensure that the information outlined in online seminars is accurate, Irish Tax Institute and authors can accept no responsibility for loss or distress occasioned to any person acting or refraining from acting as a result of the material published herein. Any views or opinions expressed are not necessarily subscribed to by Irish Tax Institute. Professional advice should always be sought before acting on any topic covered in online seminars.

Please note that the Irish Tax Institute provides access to online seminars, together with supporting materials, to you on the understanding that it is for your own personal use only and not for the distribution, display or representation to other persons or groups of persons. Payment of a single online delegate fee permits single user access only. CPD in relation to live and on-demand online seminars accrues only to the delegate who has purchased the live or on-demand online seminar.