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Advanced Diploma in International Taxation (ADIT)


ADIT, the Advanced Diploma in International Taxation, awarded by the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT), is the essential qualification for tax practitioners dealing with international tax issues. ADIT is a specialist, advanced qualification in international and cross-border taxation and is suitable for all taxation professionals. The ADIT qualification provides an opportunity to prove and improve your own or your team's credentials as an International Tax Professional.

ADIT 2018 Prospectus
ADIT 2018 Syllabus 

Tuition with the Irish Tax Institute for ADIT June 2018 Exams
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to see all of our ADIT preparation courses and book your place - all courses are subject to minimum numbers.

Standalone Certificates
Standalone certificates are available for students who have passed either Principles of International Taxation or the Transfer Pricing option module. These certificates each recognise a student's achievement in completing the corresponding ADIT exam, and expertise in the individual subject examined.

Modular Certificates
A modular certificate is available to any ADIT student who has passed the exams for both Principles of International Taxation and one option module. Each modular certificate demonstrates expertise in both the fundamentals of international tax and a specialist subject area.

ADIT Student and Exam registration with CIOT

You must first register as an ADIT Student with CIOT and then register with CIOT to sit the ADIT examination. The examination entry fee for June 2018 examinations is £185 per exam paper. Click here for more information.

Important Dates
January 2018 - Student Registration Deadline with CIOT for June 2018 Exams
30 March 2018 – Exam Registration Deadline with CIOT for June 2018 Exams.
12 June 2018 – Principles of International Taxation - click here to book a place on the Revision Course
13 June 2018 – Paper 2 Exam Jurisdiction Modules (All Options) - click here to book a place on the Jurisdiction Ireland Revision Course
14 June 2018 – Paper 3 Exam Thematic Modules (All Options) - click here to book a place on the Thematic Transfer Pricing Revision Course

**Irish Tax Institute is an ADIT course provider and exam centre in Ireland. We do not take exam or student registrations, which must be done directly with CIOT.  We only take bookings for our tuition courses.**

For further information please contact cpd@taxinstitute.ie