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Prepared for the commercial world


The Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) qualification provides the skills and knowledge to deal with real tax issues in the commercial world

A real life approach

A real-life approach to developing key skills. The Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) programme provides:

    • The depth and breadth of tax knowledge to fully prepare students for the world in which they will work.
    • A hands-on case study and workshop approach to learning tax so students are immersed in real-life challenges.
    • Students with the skill to translate their advice effectively for their clients and project-manage their advice

The Irish Tax Institute has educated thousands of Chartered Tax Advisers (CTA) for over 30 years, amongst some of the country's finest tax minds and most sought-after names in the legal, commercial and tax world.

Our relationships have enabled us to design and deliver the most in-depth and commercially focused tax education programme in Ireland. 

  Daryl Hanberry, Tax Partner, Deloitte

“The high esteem with which the Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) qualification is held in industry really determined my choice to pursue this qualification. I felt the Irish Tax Institute were very responsive to any issues that arose and treated us as professionals, rather than students, throughout my studies. This is a subtle but important difference and something which I remain appreciative of to this day.”

Experts at researching the law

Interpretation of tax law is central to the work of a Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA)

    • All tax advice and opinion is based on tax legislation, case law and precedents from wide-ranging sources.
    • We teach students to understand how the law is written, how it interacts with case law and precedents, and how to apply this understanding to deliver commercial solutions.
    • Our students have access to Ireland’s most comprehensive tax database, TaxFind and use it from the beginning of their tax education, giving them a real advantage in the critical area of tax research and analysis.


Mary Dineen

“Once I decided that I would like to work in tax, I quickly realised that an essential prerequisite is obtaining the  Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) qualification. Whilst initially I found the prospect of working and studying daunting, the course is formulated so as to make it as easy as possible to combine work and study. In particular, the online element of the course is very helpful – all lectures and notes are available online, allowing students to study at times that suit them best".